Lighthouse Hingless US Album Sets


The LIGHTHOUSE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Album is without a doubt the finest, most specialized US Album in print today. It provides spaces for all major catalog numbers with exact stamp illustrations or descriptions. The album consists of 6 volumes with hingeless pages in blue DP PERFECT turn-bar binders in classic design with country name imprint in gold color on cover and spine, US flag on the spine, Eagle design on the cover, complete with matching slipcases. The volumes can be purchased individually or as a set.

The following issues, grouped separately wherever possible, are completely covered: Regular, Commemorative, Air Mail, Coil Stamps, Special Delivery, Registration, Certified Mail, Postage Due, Parcel Post, Parcel Postage Due, Special Handling, Carrier Stamps, Offices in China, Confederate States.
Duck and Newspaper specialized sections are available separately. 

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