Lay Away Program

Wanting to buy a stamp or stamps that sells for $200.00 but your budget says you can only purchase $40.00 per month on stamps?

Well this program is for you!

Here are the easy steps:

Step 1

  1. Go Shopping and purchase the items you want.

  2. At the Check Out payment page,  click on the Lay Away Button.

  3. If you are in the U.S. and want to pay by check please advise us via email and remit your check within 7 days. (You don’t have to go to Step 2 if paying by check)

Step 2

  1. Go back to the shopping page

  2. In the ‘Search Box’ type in lay away dollars (The Dollars are in $1.00 Increments).

  3. Click on the ‘Lay Away Dollars’ and purchase a total of 20% of your purchase. (You can also use the lay away dollars to make your payments).

  4. Go to Check Out and complete your purchase and pay by credit/debit card.

We’ll then send you a bill every 30 days for 20% of the remainder.  (the last payment may vary). When you have paid off the stamps, we’ll send them to you ASAP!  There IS NO interest charge,  credit checks or carrying charges.

How’s that for simple?

Okay, now for the legal stuff.

  1. Your Lay Away must total at least $150.00

  2. If you default on the above payment plan, you might forfeit your initial payment and 50% of your monthly payments. (Please don’t let that happen).

  3. This program may be changed or discontinued at any time.

Thank you,

Jim Jeffery