Customer feed back:

DB California:  I truly appreciate doing business with you since I have complete trust in your product being what you say it is. 

TA Pennsylvania: Thank you for your great customer service. I didn’t realize it was quitting time when I call. Thanks for the credit on shipping as well. I hope to be purchasing again. Thanks again.

RB Florida: Just wanted to say this is 1st time I shopped on your site and I think your prices are very good

EK North Carolina: Looking forward to it arriving.  Am very pleased with your product and great prices

AR California: Jim…Just received my first order of stamps from you.  I am very pleased with the quality of the stamps and your packaging of the order. I am especially comfortable with the way your website works, makes it really easy to review your inventory.  I have placed 2 more orders with you, and am looking forward to receiving them.

MS TEXAS: It has and is a great experience buying from Itty Bitty. Have been doing business with Jim for around 6 months with many orders. He is professional in every aspect and his products are always tops!!