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Thank you for visiting our Stamp Store.  We hope you’ll enjoy your time viewing our stamps and accessories,  adding to your collection, and sharing stories and thoughts on our blog page. (Please, no profanity, politics or inappropriate behavior).

You’ll note that on the right hand side of this pages are the different Categories. (The Scott numbering system is used in all stamp listings unless otherwise noted).  to find the items your looking for,  select the category of your stamp or supplies, and type in the item you want.  As an example, if you were looking for  Germany 1203, type in ‘Ger 1203’ and click on the search button.  

The search box (upper right hand corner) will bring back more than one result.  As an example, if you typed in 733 and clicked, you would receive numbers 733, 1733, 2733, 3733, and R733. If you typed in R733, your results would be R733. This also applies to individual countries.  

Last but not least, is our grading and the pictures shown for each stamp. For stamps that sell for more than $5.00 the picture you see is the stamp for sale.  (Because of the time and cost of showing pictures of individual stamps, the picture of stamps that are priced at less than $4.00 may not be the stamp you’ll receive).  Even though Scott shows grading for all era stamps, grading is still subjective to the grader. What we see versus what you may see may vary.  Not to worry, you are protected by our’ No Questions Asked Guarantee’.  All you have to do is return the stamp within ten days of receipt for a full refund. No questions asked.

Checks  have a 7 day waiting period prior to shipping for all new customers .  Checks must be from United States Banks only.

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